You – 1. Season Review

You - 1. Season Review

You - 1. Season ReviewIn September 2018, You are a great TV series that meets the audience with its first episode and creates a huge fan base with 10 episodes released in its first season.
You series met its audience again in 2019 with its second season after its success in the first season published in 2018. The series consisting of 20 episodes, 10 episodes in the first season and 10 episodes in the second season, seems to be the first preferable series for those who are looking for a series to watch and those who are seeking series advice.

Subject of the You Tv Series

The mysterious world of Joe Goldberg, who grew up in the hands of Mr. Mooney, is telling about the mysterious movements he made for women he loved, crimes and secrets he kept.

Joe, a silent character who is introverted and does not have many friends, sleeps with books, falls in love with the article writer Guinevere Beck, who tries to make his name heard, at first sight … Beck manages to win his heart… However, this ambition and mystery in Joe gradually draw Beck’s attention and unexpected tensions begin to occur between the two young lovers.

Cast of the You Tv Series

The first name to attract attention in the cast of the young actors is Penn Badgley, who is the lead actor and remembered for his successful performance in the Gossip Girl series and Easy A movie. Badgley, who gave life to the main character of the series, Joe Goldberg, is writing another successful job in his career. For Elizabeth Lail, one of the prominent actors of the first season and giving life to the character of Guinevere Beck, You can be called a turning point in her career. Elizabeth Lail, who has not been able to make her name known until the series You, draws attention with her actress performance and courage in the sex scenes in the series.

The performances of the actors who play other characters that are not remarkable are also quite good, but there is no need to evaluate them one by one … Except for one of them … An actress John Stamos, who is one of the 90s phenomenon with the Full House series, meets the audience again with You.

You - 1. Season Review

Is the “You” TV series watched?

The You series, which has 20 episodes by 2020 and the new episodes will be published in 2021, is one of the first series to be evaluated and watched for those seeking foreign series advice. You, Joe and Guinevere Beck, which can be considered as a romantic love series, but also a tension series full of secrets, are classified as +18 because of the lovemaking scenes and the language used and the slang language used in the series. It is worth remembering that he received a score and is a great series that appeals to viewers who are interested in mysterious stories.

You TV Series 1 Season Review IMDb Score7,8

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