Women Of The Night

Netflix Women Of The Night

Netflix Women Of The NightOne of the first and rare Dutch series on Netflix Women of the Night…

It is an interesting series that consists of the cast of the Netherlands, which has not been able to make its name known in the television or cinema sector internationally, and has talented names such as Karina Smulders, Matteo van der Grijn and Daphne Wellens.

Subject of Netflix Women of the Night

Xandra, who was a drug addict during her homeless escape from her mother’s house where she was subjected to violence, also has a baby when she is 15 years old. After his daughter was detained by the state, Xandra, who went to prison for various crimes and met his future husband, lawyer Michiel, leads a calm and happy life with his daughter and husband who have left the past behind.

Xandra, who is also with men for a fee in his youth, meets a friend from the past one day … After a brief communication with his friend, Xandra, who finds himself at the head of an escort marketing network, will be too late when he realizes that drug gangs are at the head of a money-launding company. …

Stuck among the problems of drug gangs that are impossible to overcome, and on the other hand, the problems of her daughter who has a difficult adolescence, Xandra will constantly get her head in new troubles in order to get rid of the pit she is sinking.

Netflix Women Of The Night

Is Women of the Night watched?

Unfortunately, a number of sexual items that are familiar from Netflix TV series, which give a lot of escort women, but warns about adult content, are not very much involved, player performances are mediocre, and the subject is in many ways unfortunately. A series that could not be exceeded… If there is not a single option to watch, it may be considered as the last series to be applied, perhaps… Or maybe it is the first choice for those who want to watch the sex fantasy of rich or political authority people with different fantasies… It is up to you.

Netflix Women of the Night season 2

The fact that the first season of the series is finished in a complete final mood and there is no clear information about the 2nd season in the authoritarian movie / series pages, it shows that the 2nd season of the Women of the Night series will not be published.

To be clear, it is not a sustainable and successful series for the second season.

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