Toy Boy

Toy Boy Poster

Toy Boy Poster

A series of Toy Boy, which is one of the Spanish series published on Netflix and also includes the familiar faces of the popular Spanish movies and series.

Due to the corona virus epidemic, the society is mostly quarantined in their homes, and due to the fact that it is full of question marks, the players in the Toy Boy series, which are among the most watched series of March on Netflix, and the subject is full of question marks.

Who is on the cast of the Toy Boy series?

The cast, which includes Jesus Mosquera, Cristina Castano and Maria Pedraza, also includes the cast, which attracts attention with their performances such as Jose de la Torre, Carlo Costanzia, Raudel Raul Martiato and Juanjo Almedia.

What is the subject of the Toy Boy series? How about the Toy Boy series?

Hugo, who works at the strip club and dances with his close friends in dance-specific choreographies, begins to have a relationship with Macarena Medina, one of the ultra-rich people of the city. Macarena’s husband was found dead on Hugo’s boat, and sentenced her to seven years of prison life. Lawyer Triana, who took Hugo out of prison on a parole decision after 7 years, will be Hugo’s biggest assistant in answering 7-starter questions.
Despite the fact that Hugo, who spent 7 years in prison, proved his guilt with evidence, the series is about the struggle to reveal the real criminal and the events around him due to the big calipers established.

Watch Netflix Toy Boy series?

Toy Boy PosterNetflix, which is quite popular in Turkey and became the most-watched series between almost every day, day of the Toy Boy, consists of a total of 13 episodes a little longer than 1 hour. If we need to separate the first few episodes and the final episodes, it is possible to say that approximately 6-7 episodes you will watch are a waste of time. Already when you watch the 7 or 8 episodes of the 13-episode, the real culprit appears, but the question remains as to who and how the actual culprit will appear in the final of the series. Unfortunately, many viewers’ behavior and FilmOku.Com statistics show that nudity and sex scenes make the series and movie interesting and viewable. Apart from the group sex scene in the first part of the Toy Boy series, the lovemaking scenes of Hugo and Triana in the next few episodes, and the male gay lovemaking scenes that have become the Spanish classic, there is nothing you can see.

To summarize, for a good Netflix or TV show, Toy Boy is not a very immersive TV show. If you think that there are so many alternatives because of the high number of online platforms, it is possible to say that it is not a series worth watching.

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