The Handmaid’s Tale – 3. Season Review

The Handmaid’s Tale – 3. Season Review

The Handmaid’s Tale – 3. Season ReviewThe story of June Osborne, who tries to exist in a system in which America will lose its sanity with the collapse of America and to regain its freedom, continues in the third season.

June, who was born in Gilead by bringing a baby to the Waterford family, was sent to Joseph Lawrence’s home to give birth to a new baby. Lawrence’s house, which designed the entire economic system of Gilead before the revolution and is considered one of the leaders of the revolution, will be filled with great surprises for June… also feels commitment to the country in which it contributes to its establishment. However, his emotions are in front of his ambitions and help June in his plan to escape some children and studs to Canada…

June, who is one of Gilead’s ghettos and has made her name known to many due to the problems she has caused over time and her punishments despite her penalties, continues to make ambitious secret plans for Gilead’s collapse and the freedom of all. On the other hand, reactions against the inhuman administration of Gilead begin to increase in the international public…

There is a lot more action than the first two seasons of the series, but it’s a good season to suggest that the rule and hard management of the first season softened and reduced sanctions against June in The Handmaid’s Tale…

The question of when The Handmaid’s Tale will be published in season 4 is not a clear question at this time, but there is no answer to whether new players will be added to the series in season 4 of the series. American Hulu Tv’s website does not contain any information. Unfortunately, there isn’t any shooting activity for the 4th season at the moment.

One of the most strongly recommended Hulu TV series to watch is The Handmaid’s Tale.


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