Sex Education – 2. Season Review

Sex Education – 2. Season Review

Sex Education – 2. Season ReviewSex Education series, which starred Asa Butterfield and Emma Mackey and succeeded to put its name among the most popular series of Netflix with its first season, met the audience with the episodes of the second season.

Otis, who has not been able to get rid of the effect his sexual therapist had on his parents, finally meets sexuality. Otis, who enjoys Maeve, played by Emma Mackey, tries to attract the attention of the girl she likes while she is counseling the young adolescents at the school with the information she has obtained from her family.

The Sex Education series, which consists of almost all of its cast, made you have fun with the episodes in its first season. On the one hand, the crazy sexual problems of the young, on the other hand, Otis’s mother Jean’s relationships and therapies made the audience laugh, and the atmosphere of the town where the story was passed and the series was shot. Unfortunately, whatever happened to the series with the second season, it has become cold and boring, and has become a simple and shallow adolescent series. It seems as though the actors and characters have lost their naturalness – Otis, who discovered masturbation, has a huge impact 10 times in each episode – the series has lost its sincerity.

Is the Sex Education series watched?

If you watched the first season and haven’t started the second season yet, you can see the series as an unfinished story. If you have never watched it, don’t worry, you won’t lose anything. Sex Education series is definitely not included in the list of foreign series to watch.


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