After Life – 2. Season Review

After Life – 2. Season Review

After Life – 2. Season ReviewThe series tells the dark days of Tony, who worked in a local newspaper in a small city in England and lost his beloved wife Lisa for cancer.

Tony, who has a simple and happy life until his wife’s death, tries to deceive himself and those around him as a result of his depression after losing Lisa. The greatest support for Tony, who is trying to deliberately disturb people’s happiness, will be the videos he shot to guide Tony before his wife’s death.

Having a much greater distress in the days following the death, Tony begins to experience his pain emotionally heavier as the days pass. However, he also takes care not to break the hearts of the people around him. He begins to make progress in becoming a better person and putting his life back on track under the guidance of his lost wife.

It is definitely the second season of After Life, which is definitely a better season and a better season than the first season and a 6 episode you can’t get enough of watching. The harmony and feelings of the character’s life-giving character Golden Globe award-winning Ricky Gervais are really, very good. Besides the drama and sadness, the humor has also been worked out in the episodes published in the second season, making you smile in unexpected moments.

If you have a series of recommendations, you should write this series at the top of your list of unmissable TV series.


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