Nina Forever

Nina Forever

Nina Forever“Nina Forever” is a movie about the lives that turn upside down when a love oath made with the belief that it will last forever turns into reality.

Holly (Abigail Hardingham) works as a cashier in a supermarket to cover her expenses while she is trained to join the emergency medical team. Meanwhile, Rob, who works at the same job, loses his beloved girlfriend Nina (Fiona O’Shaughnessy) in a traffic accident. Holly, who feels sorry for Rob’s lonely and devastated and begins to be interested in him, expresses his feelings for Rob. you will. Holly and Rob will never be alone…

In the movie, which consists of three young actors and is carried out with a limited budget from beginning to end, everything else that is called mediocre acting in the mind of the viewer is bad … Although it has a good subject, the scenario that cannot keep the flow it initially captured becomes completely meaningless in the later minutes of the movie and when the movie ends, it is completely backward. it leaves nothing but meaninglessness and question marks. It is possible to say that nudity and sex scenes are brought to the fore but these are not as worthy to watch as other elements in the movie.


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