Knock Knock

Knock Knock

Knock KnockEvan Webber (Keanu Reeves), who lives a happy life with his wife and children, cannot attend his wife’s art exhibition outside the city due to the surgery he has on his shoulder and is forced to spend the weekend at home. On the first night he will spend alone at home, he never remembers that his life will change completely when he opens the door.

While Bel and Genesis want to go to the party to be held at their friends’ house, the Webber family knocks on the doorstep. Evan wants to help the girls soaked in heavy rain, calls a taxi for the girls and hosts them until the taxi arrives. But the strange behavior of the girls becomes increasingly uncontrollable, and Evan’s night turns into hell.

False Door is a compressed film with a viewable time of about 90 minutes. All in one night, two eyes in the house for a story that can even be called a long time in fact,… Re-regaining the old reputation for Keanu Reeves in such a mediocre movie I do not know how wise choice to play the lead role. Certainly there is tension, but it is also clear that the quality is open to discussion.


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