Star Wars (1983)

Star Wars (1980)

Star Wars (1980)Long ago, insurgents won the first attack in the rebellion launched by the rebels against the empire ruled by the villains in a very, very distant galaxy, and the death star of the empire, the death star, was destroyed. Emperor and Darth Vader, who are under his command, carry out attacks on the rebels after his defeat. Meanwhile, Luke’s best friend Han Solo falls into the hands of gangster Jabba. Luke and his friends are unaware that the Dark Emperor and Lord Vader have designed a new “Death Star” while trying to save Solo. They are in great trouble when they learn about the existence of the new “Death Star”, which was prepared much stronger and deadly than before.

Luke Skywalker once again faces Darth Vader in this movie of the series as he fights for the rights and lives of innocent creatures with the power and responsibility of being a Jedi. Along with very surprising and shocking information. Lord Vader, who faces Skywalker and wants to draw him to his side, is not afraid to get help from the Dark Emperor in order to defeat the young Jedi.

Except for the fight between Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader – it also forms the final part – there is no action to feed the audience. Even in the third film full of puffy teddy bears with their lovable comfort and peacefulness… With the technological developments, there is a better and better improvement in the performances of the actors while the effects become even more beautiful.

And finally; Star Wars: Emperor (1980) I want to share something that catches my attention. Josh Holloway, who plays James Ford (Sawyer) with a bum attitude as soon as I hit him in the LOST drama, must be a very good follower of Star Wars. All gestures and facial expressions in the Sawyer character are easily seen in Han Solo, played by Harrison Ford. Josh Holloway chose a good example.


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