Star Wars (1980)

Star Wars (1980)

Star Wars (1980)Long ago, insurgents win the first attack in the rebellion launched by the rebels against the empire ruled in a very, very distant galaxy, and the death star of the empire, the death star, is destroyed. After his rout, the Emperor and Darth Vader at his disposal carry out repeated attacks on the rebels … A group of rebels, including those under Luke Skywalker, take refuge in an ice planet called Hoth, but Darth Vader finds his traces there as well. The purpose of Lord of Evils Vader is to catch the young Skywalker and prevent him before he turns into a legend. And so begins a big chase that goes to the depth of space… Luke Skywalker, on the one hand, has to deal with Darth Vader himself, while trying to help his emperor’s troops in trouble.

The second film of the Star Wars series was released 3 years after the first production, and the past 3 years have a huge impact on the film in terms of visual effects and actor performances. According to the first film, there is a noticeable improvement and these are the developments that warmed the audience to the series… Mark Hamill’s throwing the toy and Harrison Ford gaining charisma brought the tough guy that the film needed. More importantly, the scenario, which was completely suspended in the first movie and where it is not known where to connect, gradually began to take shape.

Star Wars: Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader face off for the first time with the Emperor, and the legendary lightsaber show begins with this movie. Have a little patience with the first movie for Star Wars. You start enjoying the second movie…

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