Avatar Movie Poster

Avatar Movie Poster“Avatar” is a movie that makes a big difference to all the films made until the day it was released with its visual effects and references to invasive policies.

The film tells the story of a company that establishes colonies on a planet called Pandora and conducts research on the planet, in order to reach the valuable resources it has discovered on the planet and the communication of a group of scientists working with the planet with the natives of the planet.

As time goes by, scientists living in the colony in Pandora and using avatars that resemble the local people to communicate with the locals begin to tolerate and love Pandora’s mindless beauties and Pandorans. This connection enables two different cultures to get to know and develop each other better, but the pressure from the company’s investors causes the natural beauty of Pandora to be slaughtered.

Avatar, the work of Oscar-winning director James Cameron, is a movie that should be appreciated for its rich visual and audio effects as much as its story. In fact, all of the films shot aside, the effects of Avatar aside… All of them are in the atmosphere of visual feast, and the images of the movie and believe are refreshing. As it contains so many fantastic elements, it is difficult to say something for acting performance, but there is no disturbing glaring flaw in acting. I recommend you to watch. It’s a great movie suggestion!


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