The Vow

The Vow movie poster

The Vow movie posterThe film tells the story of Paige (Rachel McAdams) and Leo (Channing Tatum) couple who were injured as a result of a traffic accident on a snowy evening.

The couple, who got married in their 20s, has unimaginable problems with this accident they experienced in the 5th year of their marriage. Paige has been losing her memory for the last 6-7 years with the effect of the blow on her head and cannot remember Leo waiting for his wife to wake up with prayers.

It is among the ones that he could not remember leaving his rich family and going to the faculty of fine arts with a radical decision, choosing a middle-class life and all such radical changes. In fact, all these decisions seem ridiculous to her and she does not respond to her husband Leo’s efforts to remind herself, she resists.

The fact that his wife, who is in love with her drenched, does not remember herself, her experiences, 5-year marriage, and that she starts flirting with her ex-fiance, causes Leo to give up and get tired and eventually divorce takes place.

The couple is so beautiful, the story is so sincere that it is very possible to ask them to return to their beautiful days before the accident while watching the movie.

The movie, which is quoted from a real life story and adapted to the cinema, ends with a happy ending, but the process is quite painful. And also this happy ending is not mentioned in the movie, but I must say that you can reach this information when you research the real story… The movie ends with Paige giving her a chance to meet her, who decided that Leo’s efforts would not be in vain.

It’s a warm love movie. I recommend you to watch.


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