The Holiday

The Holiday

The Holiday“The Holiday” presents a story about two women who have great problems in love relationships and attempts to find their love for their holidays.

Amanda (Cameron Diaz), who has a fun job of making a trailer for movies that will be released in Los Angeles, ends her last relationship with frustration. Iris (Kate Winslet), who lives in London and learns that her 3-year-old lover is planning a marriage with another, is also cut off from life. And these two love victims, who are unaware of each other, end up in an endless depression… The second way to happiness for women, namely these two love victims, who choose to vacation, meet through a website, decide to have a vacation in different countries by exchanging their homes for a certain time. .

Holiday is a beautiful love movie starring Oscar-winning Kate Winslet and successful actor in romantic comedy movies Cameron Diaz. The fact that the two main characters live at times is so real that those who want to watch people who have been abandoned, battered, fallen in love and watched the love movie, must watch this movie … There is also a surprise for the audience, the majority of which are women. You can watch in this movie.


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