Remember Me

Remember Me

Remember MeA beautiful romantic drama film about the relationship of two young people in love with each other.

Tyler (Robert Pattinson), who blames his father for his brother’s suicide and has major problems with him, is a different teenager than his entire circle and wealthy family. He turns his back on all future plans directed by his family. Ally (Emilie de Ravin), on the other hand, establishes a new life with her father after losing her mother as a result of murder, but nothing is the same as before. The life of two young people changes when they know each other and find love.

These two young actors are accompanied by the legendary name Pierce Brosnan in the movie, where Robert Pattinson, who is known and loved by cinema lovers all over the world with his Twilight series, and the major actors of the LOST series, Emilie de Ravin.

Forget me a great movie with its script, acting performances and the ability to convey the story to the audience. And it definitely deserves to be among the unforgettable with the surprise finale.

I recommend this movie.


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