YouthFred Ballinger, a former orchestra conductor, and his best friend, Mick Boyle, a film director, face the end of their life on their holiday in the Alps. Two friends, joys and sorrows, right and wrong, while thinking about how life passes through the lives of loved ones share the pain.

Fred (Michael Caine), who is accused by his daughter of choosing music instead of his family, tries to help him tidy up his life, which is turned upside down. Mick (Harvey Keitel), who wants to leave his last film as a testament, has the chance to meet with the woman he is a fan of and even in love with for the last time, but there is a conversation between them that will destroy all his plans.

Directed by Italian director Paolo Sorrentino, the film’s leading actors Michael Caine and Harvey Keitel show a unique act with the unique view of the Alps. … When was the last time I really imagined my 70s until this movie? When was the last time my life’s gonna pass? I thought. When was the last time I was afraid I’d lost all my loved ones in the last days of my life? ..


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