The Water Diviner

The Water Diviner

The Water DivinerTheir father, Connor (Russell Crowe), who could not get any news from his three Australian sons who came to our land to fight in the Canakkale Front of the First World War, came to Istanbul to find their son’s trail. Despite various bureaucratic obstacles and tensions caused by the state of war, he manages to go to Gallipoli and sees the opportunity to see the area where his sons are fighting.

Connor, Ayşe Hanım (Olga Kurylenko), the owner of the hotel where he stayed during his stay in Istanbul; He made beautiful friendships with Major Hasan (Yılmaz Erdoğan) and Cemal Çavuş (Cem Yılmaz), whom he met on the front, in a country he never knew. In the wind of destruction and death of the Çanakkale War, he prepares the grave of his 2 little sons with the help of his friends in a country occupied by his enemies. The trail of his eldest son, who was captured during the war, dates back to Anatolia.

First World War on the part of Turkey to be a first partly explain the distinction in terms of the film through the eyes of the Turks. It is possible to see the period and experiences that were taught to us in history lessons exactly in the movie. This aspect of play and starring in the film as well as to give a big thank you to Russell Crowe, who directed and need to congratulate … As a player, one of the greatest talents that can be selected from Turkey, Yilmaz Erdogan and the most ideal player for his character Cem Yılmaz The fact that they are included in the cast and these two names perform well is a big plus for the film. Couldn’t a Turkish actress be chosen instead of Olga Kurylenko, one of the famous actresses of the cinema? I think this is only open to debate in a whole movie.

The Water Diviner is the first and currently the only movie to describe the absurdity of people who have nothing to do without knowing the reason and shed blood on our land, some of the games on our land, the Greek cruelty, the nobility and courage of the Turks, and finally the love of a father’s children.


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