The Vicious Kind

The Vicious Kind Movie Poster

The Vicious Kind Movie PosterThe film tells about the deteriorated psychology, the life of the upside down, of the deceived Caleb Sinclaire, who has taken a blow from all the women in her life, from her friends to her lovers and even to her mother.

After breaking her ties with her after her mother betrayed her father, Caleb divides his ways with his father over time. After receiving the last blow from her lover, she continues to meet with the prostitute she visits once a week. There is only one woman in her life, construction works she carries out to earn plenty of cigarettes and money.

Caleb, whose psychology is cluttered, thinks all women are prostitutes. While trying to prove it to his brother and protect him, he tries to seduce his brother’s lover … But over time, this attempt towards his brother’s lover turns into an intensity of emotion and obsession. In the end, he reaches his goal and becomes with the girl. However, when it is together, it faces reality. The girl is literally in love with her brother and is a virgin as opposed to being a prostitute as she thinks.

I have no knowledge about it, I have watched it without my opinion; The Vicious Kind is a movie about nonsense that I said if I didn’t watch it.


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