The Shape of Water

The Shape of Water 1

The Shape of Water 1Guillermo del Toro was screenwriter and director; A fantastic and at the same time romantic drama movie The Shape of Water, which left the 2018 Oscar Award Ceremony with 4 Oscar awards…

The film tells of the strange relationship of Elisa, a housekeeper at this research facility, who wanted to take the lead in the Space race against the Soviets under the influence of the cold war in the 1960s, and who carried out ambitious secret investigations for it.

Is it interesting or interesting. He conveys his 60s with his makeup, costume, equipment and music, and he has won all 4 Oscar awards from the fields that I have mentioned above. In other words, among the awards of the film, the best director, the best actor, the most It is not possible to find the awards like the best movie, the best movie… It takes the rewards with its extras. Winning in the details…

It is not possible to say a four-point film… It is not possible to talk about anything that stands out especially for Sally Hawkins’s leading role. The scenario and the flow is full of exaggerations… The main character, Elisa, mentioned, has a sexual relationship with a creature that is not known whether it is alien or alien because of just a few similarities. It is the extreme point that makes us say … There may be those who evaluate these as spoilers. However, after watching the first 15-20 minutes of the movie, bring the official movie poster on the top to your eyes… The poster of the movie is shouting a love bond between the two characters. He says the end himself.

If you have any curiosity about what brings 4 Oscar statuettes to the movie or if you think how to win an Oscar in the related branches, you can watch it. There is no other plus of the movie.


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