The Godfather (1974)

The Godfather (1974)

The Godfather (1974)The head of the Corleone family, one of America’s biggest mafia, talks about how Don Vito Corleone (Marlon Brando), nicknamed “Father”, grew up and took root in America when he was just 9 years old, and what stages he went through. While the events that took place in the early 1900s are told, on the other hand, the struggle of Michael Corleone, who took over the seat from his father Don Corleone, to clean the traitors in his family and around him and make his family the biggest in America, is transferred to the audience following the story.

While starring Al Paciona, who plays Michael, who takes over the seat in the first movie, starring in the film, Robert De Niro plays the younger Don Vito Corleone in the other part where the story’s history is told. It is much more enjoyable to watch the two giant artists of Hollywood 44 years ago than the whole movie.

I think there is a big drop in the second movie of the series compared to the first movie. There was no fluency. The scenes without Al Pacino and Robert De Niro with the side characters were such that they would bring sleep. And it was even so bad that I was hesitant about whether to watch the third and last movie.

If the first movie gets 10 out of 10 with an objective view, the score for the second movie should be at most 6. I’m talking about such a big difference and mediocrity …


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