SleepersA great movie about how mistakes made at childhood and the bad people faced influenced the future was “Sister-Like”.

4 little friends, who live in the same neighborhood and have problem families, forget their hard lives only when they come together and can only live their childhood together. Despite their young ages, children who have big dreams, who try to create opportunities for them and do everything in order to have fun despite all their troubles, pay a small penalty for their mistakes. Children who fall into the correctional house after the accident they have caused and spend their best years in the correctional house with violence and harassment are scattered as if they were a leaf blown in the wind. With the influence of the violence they see in the correctional house, some of them turn into a bad man for revenge, while others choose to be a good man to take revenge against justice.

The film, which entered the vision in 1996 and when it was released, made a great name in terms of its big names and subject; Perhaps it was the first film that announced the rape of children in the correctional houses, and it was a big event. The heartbreaking subject manages to get into the audience with the performances of both the actors and the star names (Kevin Bacon, Robert De Niro, Dustin Hoffman, Brad Pitt).


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