Rocky (1990)

Rocky (1990)

Rocky (1990)The fifth film of the legendary Rocky series is an awesome 1990 movie “Rocky 5”.

The best days of Rocky, which defeated Russian rival Ivan Drago in Russia and welcomed like kings in his country, ends quickly. The reason is that the accountant who was appointed as a proxy for tax payments disappeared by using the power of attorney with malicious intent and selling all of Rocky’s presence … Drago takes a hard time in front of Drago and ends his boxing career, losing his presence, and waiting for Rocky and his family. The worst part is the return of Rocky to its old street in Philadelphia, despite the years that passed. All the torment he has suffered for years, every punch he eats in the ring is wasted and forced to raise his son in a place he doesn’t want, Rocky starts to look for ways to be reborn.

Rocky series is one of the classics of the screen, which has been 18 years since its end, making all the names in its staff age and becoming a movie legend. And if we don’t count the Rocky Balboa, which went into the show years later, from the series, this is the 5th movie, the last movie in the series. On the other hand, it is the weakest movie in the series with its script… However, it is necessary to say that a very good way has been followed to end the career of a legend. You should watch…


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