Rocky (1985)

Rocky (1985)

Rocky (1985)The fourth film of the legendary Rocky series, 1985, is the movie “Rocky 4”, which was memorized with an unforgettable match with Ivan Drago, a boxer of the USSR.

Rocky, who has a great friendship with Apollo, who has a great help in winning the title of world championship, objects to his friend’s decision to restart the shit, but cannot prevent him and supports him not to disturb his motivation. The competitor Apollo chooses to return to the ring is the champion boxer of the USSR, who decided to participate in international sports and train strong athletes. A show match is organized to bring a rapprochement between the two countries, and two boxers go out into the ring… The legendary boxer Apollo Creed gets a fatal loss from his opponent Ivan Drago and loses his life due to the blows he took… Encounters…

The movie, which contains messages from the Rocky series shot to the Russians and the whole world during the cold war period, can be considered as a stain for the Rocky 4 movie, although it is insignificant for a legendary series … The Russian diplomats and athletes are evil, the Americans are inflated, There is a movie with unnecessary touches… Still, we have a mind from Rocky 4, a 15-round boxing match full of nature and challenging exercises in the incredible environment of Russia, and Drago against Drago undoubtedly Rocky 4 …


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