Rocky (1982)

Rocky (1982)

Rocky (1982)The third film in the legendary Rocky series is an awesome 1982 movie “Rocky 3”.

Rocky Balboa (Sylvester Stallone), who achieved everything he dreamed of after becoming a world champion, was humiliated in front of all media and his lovers by a young boxer who was turned away from his ambition. The champion, who takes the ring to get rid of the tension he has experienced and to feed his disrespect to his opponent, gets a heavy defeat against the young boxer. The only thing he loses when he has achieved everything is not the championship. Mickey, his best friend, manager, and coach, also die during this period. Rocky, who suddenly became a lost man, begins preparing to regain the World Champion title with the help of her former rival, Apollo Creed.

Mr. Sylvester Stallone was one of the famous names of the period in the cast of the cast. T and Hulk Hogan are also included. There are no players missing from the cast in the first two Rocky films. The cast is very strong and successful for the movie … The script, which has a great success especially in bilateral dialogues, is a bit weak compared to the other two films, but still has a good drag. A movie that Rocky fans will love to watch.


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