Rocky (1979)

Rocky (1979)

Rocky (1979)The second movie of the legendary Rocky series is an amazing 1979 movie “Rocky 2”.

Despite being defeated in the match against the champion Apollo Creed, Rocky (Sylvester Stallone), who achieved great success by standing for 15 rounds and gained a reputation, decided to drop the boxing due to the heavy blows he received. Rocky, who bought a very luxurious house and car with the big income he earned, but remained free of money, could not hold a seam even though he did various jobs. Just in the meantime, the champion Apollo, who could not give a clear advantage to his opponent in his first match, begins to force Rocky for the rematch. Rocky, who is in a great stalemate in his health condition, promise to his wife and a livelihood, has to accept Apollo Creed’s rematch.

The acting performance of a sportsman, Sylvester Stallone, who portrays a character above the boxer, at a young age, is really good. It gives life to a beautiful character that makes both people sad and smiling. Talia Shire, who plays Adrian as a pale, cold and cheerless character in mind, also deserves great praise.

Rocky 2 gives you the right to be legendary with improved player performances and scenario.


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