Over the Top

Over the Top

Over the TopA Sylvester Stallone movie “Over the Top” since 1987… With the legendary Rocky and Rambo series, Stallone, who had perhaps the best days of his career, was the most different production that he played in that period.

Lincoln Hawk (Sylvester Stallone); He is a freelance truck driver who is not committed to anything. One day, he receives a phone call from his ex-wife Christina, whom she had to leave, to take custody of their son Mike and take care of him, and his entire life changed. As a matter of fact, Hawk, who lives there wherever the road takes him, participates in wrist wrestling for money, tries to communicate with his son he never knew and to establish a new life by including him in his life. However, this will not be easy for either Hawk or Mike.

Even though it may seem comfortable and a little bum, one of Stallone’s rare films in which he played a fatherly role is at the “Summit”. When it was released in our country in the 90’s, cinema lovers with a strong memory will remember how they were met with interest and appreciation and how they increased the interest in wrist wrestling. It is possible to say that it is a movie with high quality according to the effect and period conditions… I can recommend Stallone to those who want to watch a different character.


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