Mr. Holmes

Mr. Holmes

Mr. HolmesMr. Holmes is another movie in which Sherlock Holmes, one of the most famous crime novels of the world, comes to life on the screen.

Sherlock Holmes (Ian McKellen) retires into a long-term retreat after a lawsuit that she thinks failed. Devoted to nature research and farm life, Sherlock cannot withstand the past years, both physically and mentally, and, like any living creature, is aging. His strong mind, which he owes all his life, now begins playing games for him. Aside from trying new cases, he has a hard time remembering his past work. His friend Doctor Watson, whom he lost during his retreat, collapses in his heart and his life becomes unbearable for the old Sherlock.

Sherlock Holmes, played by the legendary film actress Ian McKellen, is much different than any other Sherlock we know. So much so that those who love the classic Sherlock Holmes are not able to love this character and the movie in my opinion … Although it is a free art branch, it is possible to age a character that has cost the whole world, to let it down, and to be unable to use its great intelligence known as a legend. I think that bringing it is not for anyone. Just like the characters like Batman, Superman, James Bond, etc. are quite young and will remain on duty, Sherlock Holmes should also remain a character that breaks secrets and glares his eyes. For this reason, the movie stays in the classroom with its script…

If you think you are a true Sherlock fan, don’t watch this movie…


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