LoveThe film tells about the relationship between Murphy (Karl Glusman) and painter Electra (Aomi Muyock), who studied cinema in Paris, full of love, lust, and perverts – to many of us.

Murphy wakes up from his sleep one morning and receives a voicemail message from the mother of his ex-girlfriend Electra while rebelling into his life when he is dissatisfied with all of them. The life of the cluttered life turns upside down after hearing it in the message, and Murphy begins to relive the memories and memories he had with the woman he fell in love with … From the first day they met, to his first kisses, to plan a family and have a baby, and everything about his career dreams come to life. Sex fantasies that ruined Electra’s relationships and Murphy’s life, who have no satisfaction and limit in their subject.

Love, the story of a lost man; Argentine director Gaspar Noé, who made a name for himself with his films about alcohol, drugs, advanced sex fantasy and violent subjects, meets the audience in the scriptwriting and directing of Gaspar Noé.


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