BurntThe film tells the story of Adam Jones (Bradley Cooper) who has been shown as one of the best chefs in the world and lost everything because of nightlife and drugs while at the peak of his career in Paris.

The man who goes to Paris alone and starts working in a restaurant as a child, enters the kitchen for the first time in his life. While the man is very close to being a single man, alcohol and drug addictions pull him away from all his dreams. Returning to the nightmare in Paris, Adam said to America; Returns to Louisiana. When he remembers the man he dreams of trying to be and dreams of all his addictions, he decides to return to the profession and return to Europe.

“Cooked” is a good performance film starring Bradley’s handsome star, Bradley Cooper, with the successful performance of Sienna Miller. The movie also tells how easy it is to lose as much as success and work is described, which should not be missed. Do not miss this movie, which is the result of the perfect acting meeting with an impressive scenario. But if possible, do not watch with your stomach hungry. Fill your stomach and enjoy. Otherwise, you will have tortured yourself.


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