SolaceGet ready for a breathtaking, scary and surprising chase run by a special team affiliated with the FBI against a serial killer who commits flawless and terrible murders… This movie is for all crime lovers…

Unable to find any clues behind the four murders that are exactly the same, the FBI knocks on the door of a former doctor, John Clancy (Anthony Hopkins). Ex-agent Joe (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) and his teammate Katherine (Abbie Cornish) knock on John’s door to persuade John, who lost his daughter due to leukemia and had a new and calm life away from everyone else. Bringing together all the pieces of the four murders committed, John will only understand the magnitude of the danger they face when John is involved in the investigation.

Although it was somewhat disappointing with the presence of extraordinary elements, the fiction of the script is astonishingly good. However, when extraordinary events come into play, especially in detecting a secret screen in detective films, this situation is not very plausible and it makes the fans of such films a little upset. Apart from this little roughness, the film has no remarkable flaws. The mastery of his visuals and fiction is admirable. Accompanied by two talented actors Jeffrey Dean Morgan and Abbie Cornish, Anthony Hopkins, who plays the leading role, is flawless as usual. Hopkins is a man who was born to give life to the characters he portrays.


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