TrainwreckAmy Schumer, who has built her whole life on one-night relationships with the advice she received from her alcoholic father when she was just a little boy, was far from love and affiliation, and Aaron (who was a really good person while researching the subject given to him in the magazine he worked as an editor. Bill Hader) and Aaron causes Amy to face all her fears. Amy, who researches and spends a lot of time with Aaron, who is the main subject of the article, is the first time in her life. While the birth of this emotion, which he never knew, was enough for Amy to be afraid, another problem in her relationship was the life that Amy left behind, which was too messy. A fairly large history of sex, alcohol addiction and mild drug abuse will damage the relationship…

As a general subject, many movies that we watch women as men and men as women are presented to the audience. Despite the predictable development and conclusion section after the introduction, its lovingly intimate structure makes the movie absolutely traceable … Amy Schumer, who is the leading role in the movie, also undertakes the screenwriting of the movie and interestingly gives the main name to the main character. While Bill Hader plays the role of good person Aaron, it is possible to see Josh Duhamel’s expressions on the face of Bill Hader throughout the movie.

Finally, it is necessary to say that LeBron James and Amar, two superstars of the NBA, played Stoudemire as a guest in the cast and watched. Do not doubt that you will have fun.

Note: If anyone is considering watching with children under 18 or family members, I do not recommend the UNRATED version of the movie. In some scenes, your face may become red.


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