Morning Glory

Morning Glory

Morning GloryExpelled from his work on local television, which was broadcast on the morning of his production, Becky (Rachel McAdams) applies desperately to all the work that can be done in the television world.

When IBC television receives a job offer for the production of the blood loss morning program “Dawn Time”, it accepts the offer with great dreams, unaware of what will happen. In order to find out how bad things are, he has to start his duty… Becky, whose only dream is television, brings one of America’s most famous news servers, Mike Pomeroy (Harrison Ford). Besides being a master and serious journalist, Mike is now a grumpy old man, and this is another challenge to Becky, who has opened the door to success.

A good movie, Morning Joy, that you can watch by having fun with Rachel McAdams, Harrison Ford and Diane Keaton. As in the name, he was able to get into the audience and add joy, and for this the absolutely correct actors were chosen for the movie. Great actors who fully adapt to the characters they portray and reflect all emotions, have performed great performances.

The actors’ performances almost cover the movie’s cliché script and the absence of possible added effects because it is unnecessary. Generally, it has enough features to make it above average. I recommend you to watch. It is the part of recommended movie list.


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