Just Go with It

Just Go with It

Just Go with It“Just Go with It” is a great movie that will warm you with its music, colors, story and characters and make you smile from start to finish.

Danny (Adam Sandler), who learns that his future wife is with someone else on the eve of the wedding and whose world is destroyed, gives himself alcohol. Spending every night in the bars until daytime, Danny suddenly encounters the great interest of women and ties the engagement ring on his finger, which he is unable to remove. And of course it turns this into an opportunity… Years pass and Danny gets bored in this case. He begins to look for a new partner and meets the beautiful Palmer (Brooklyn Decker). Dreaming of marriage with Palmer, Danny has to seek help from his best friend, Katherine (Jennifer Aniston), to change Palmer’s thoughts.

As mentioned in the first sentence of the article, “Hayatım Yalan” is a movie that captures the audience and makes them smile, laugh and entertain until the last moment. The scene and colors, music and characters chosen for the movie are so enlightening that it is possible to forget all your troubles during the 1 hour and 15 minutes of the time the movie continues…
The actor in the comedy films Adam Sandler and the successful name of romantic comedies Jennifer Aniston, and the young actress Brooklyn Decker is enriched in the film, as well.

I guess you will watch it with pleasure. I recommend you to watch the movie.


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