How to Be a Latin Lover

How to Be a Latin Lover Movie Poster

How to Be a Latin Lover Movie PosterThe film tells the story of the sudden fall of Maximo, where he met with the unforgettable love he forgot, who was with the older and rich women to benefit from all the blessings of his life and to win his life without struggling and live in luxury in an easy way.

Believing that the happiness of his overly aged partner is only possible when he is happy, and believing this to the old and wealthy woman, Maximo is destroyed by the fact that Peggy, with whom he has spent years, put himself in front of the door for a younger man. He feels vulnerable and takes refuge in his sister because he doesn’t earn a single penny rightly in his life. Of course, he continues to look for ways to hunt other rich and old women. Until he realized that he lost his heart to his little nephew and sister…

It may be thought that sexuality is intense at first sight, but a completely warm family comedy is “How to Be a Latin Lover”. It was a movie that I came across as a result of coincidence and provided me to have a great time. I recommend you to watch.


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