Christmas with the Kranks

Christmas with the Kranks Movie Poster

Christmas with the Kranks Movie PosterWith their daughter Blair going to Peru, the Luther and Nora Krank couple decide to spend a holiday in the Caribbean Islands instead of spending their Christmas holiday at home. Even though Nora is reluctant at first, she cannot resist her husband Luther’s insistence and start preparing for the holiday.

Meanwhile, “home decoration” studies that have become classic in America have started. The Krank family, who are preparing for the Caribbean and postponing the Christmas celebration to the next year, reacts more than the neighborhood.

When the cranks complete all the preparations for the holiday, they learn that their daughter Blair came for Christmas on the morning of Christmas evening. The family, whose entire holiday plan is turned upside down, will finish the days-long work with the help of its neighbors in a short time and have a happy Christmas evening with a nice party.

Christmas, Thanksgiving, etc. It is jealous for me to see the care that foreigners show in their special days. I recommend this lovely family comedy starring Jamie Lee Curtis and Tim Allen. It is not a film with a deep philosophy that you will learn from, but sit back and watch. I guarantee you will have a beautiful smile on your face until the “The End” article.


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