The Walk

The Walk

The WalkThis is a great movie Dangerous Walk, adapted from the book “Touching the Clouds” where the rope walker Philippe Petit tells about the events that happened.

It is a step-by-step adventure of Philippe Petit, who was curious about the rope cobbling when he was a little kid and left his family during this time, developing his ability in circuses and streets and predicting the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center in New York as a masterpiece. .

In the movie, where you can also enjoy the 1970s, a great movie has emerged with the perfect performance of the leading actor Joseph Gordon-Levitt, together with the music, selected colors and the quality of master actor Ben Kingley. There is a nice message that any person can perceive in the movie, which can be enjoyed by any cinema lover: “Twin Towers, Forever.”

A small note: If you are afraid of heights, in this film, your palms will sweat a lot, your knees will be numb and your muscles will suffer from contraction. In some scenes you will swear and your stomach will be blurred.


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