The Queen

The Queen

The QueenAfter the death of Princess Diana, the movie tells about the sadness, pain and tension in the British Royal Family specially for Queen Elizabeth II.

To control the emotions experienced after the sensational accident that Queen Elizabeth II, the most precious member of the Royal Family, which is of great importance for the British culture and history, although she does not have the old authority today, and the crisis in the eyes of the world public opinion. they are told. Diana’s alleged love affair, the rumor that she was thinking of divorce, the rumor she was with the person she had in love with the accident, and the fact that she lost the Princess of the Royal Family, besides all these, creates huge problems. Both the British local press and the world public criticize the British Royal Family strongly. At this time, Queen Elizabeth II shows herself despite her grief with her great authority and experience…

Helen Mirren, the film’s lead actor, performs an excellent acting performance. This success in the movie already earned him the Best Actress (2007 Oscar Awards). Michael Sheen received great admiration for the role he played as Britain’s Prime Minister Tony Blair. A great movie comes out when the great success in reviving important characters is combined with the script that contains information that has not been published anywhere.

When she entered the vision, she was a great production Queen, who made a sound and appreciated all over the world including our country. I recommend you to watch.


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