The 33

The 33

The 33In the accident that took place in the gold mine in Atmaca Desert in Chile on August 5, 2010, the movie that tells the story of 33 miners who are 700 meters below the surface and epic liberation stories.

I remember that even though there was not a lot of agenda in our country for that period, images of recovery were published. That was the only thing I knew about it, but after watching 33, I learned that it was really epic to get those people out of there. There is no reason to fight for 69 days in a bunker 700 meters below the surface.

The main subject of the film, which was created by the miners who were stranded in the mine in general and the information received from the families of the victims. That’s why the story that takes place on the protagonists of the accident. In addition, the stress, fatigue, tension and ultimately the joy of the Chilean government chief, the mining minister and the Chilean engineers are conveyed.

Since it is an event that can be considered as one of the greatest victories of human beings, it is impossible to belittle or deteriorate the film, but there are almost no flaws in the film that can be criticized badly.

The famous actress Antonio Banderas plays Mario Sepúlveda, the leader of the survivors, and plays the leading role in the movie with his main character. Apart from Antonio Banderas, there are two other actors you can recognize in the movie. The first is Bob Gunton, who portrays the prison director in the movie The Price of Captivity, and the second is Rodrigo Santoro, who plays Paulo in the first season of the LOST series.

It is a number 10 movie with everything. I recommend you to watch.


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