Pawn Sacrifice

Pawn Sacrifice

Pawn SacrificeThe film tells about the career of Bobby Fischer, the biggest chess player of the past, in the years when the cold war between America and Russia accelerated, by passing his Russian rivals one by one and reaching the world championship.

Robert James “Bobby”, the first and only chess champion raised in America, describes the Russian rival Boris Spassky, the prominent actress Liev Schreiber, while playing Fischer in the film about the life of “Bobby” Fischer, while he won the title of Russian rival Boris Spassky. successfully portrays… Just like John Nash in the “Mind Games” is experiencing what Bobby Fischer and his balance of balance lose balance, showing how big the frustrations can be. In fact, Bobby Fischer ends his world championship chess career by being expelled from the International Chess Federation. Fischer, a Jewish American citizen born in America in 1943, continues to make anti-Russian statements, worsen his belief in Judaism despite the improved American-Russian relationship, and is ultimately removed from American citizenship. Despite the pride of his country and its citizens, despite all the pride, Fischer, who has received the reaction of almost the whole nation, died in 2008 in Iceland, where he demanded citizenship and asylum (which he also won the championship).


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