Founder Poster

Founder PosterFounder tells a story of perseverance and determination that continues without hesitation from the very beginning to the very end. The story of the establishment of McDonald’s, which is a known brand in every point of fast food in the world, and the story of Ray Kroc, who transformed McDonald’s, more precisely, into a brand.

Ray Kroc, who discovered a small business with great potential while he was a small and not very successful businessman; He takes the risk and breaks the rules and changes the game, establishing the world’s largest restaurant chain.

Due to the fact that a real story is transferred to the cinema (especially telling the story of such a big brand), an incredibly impressive film has emerged with the perfection of the fiction. The excellent performance of Michael Keaton, one of the first Batman, who is the old handset that carries the traces of years on his face, has made the movie not to be missed.

It is a movie that you can recommend to your surroundings, which tells you what can be achieved with all things, determination and determination and a little cunning.


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