The Little Prince

The Little Prince

The Little PrinceAnimation movie adapted to the cinema of Antoine de Saint-Exupéry’s classic book The Little Prince, known worldwide; it has the same name as the book.

In the animation, an unhappy little girl whose mother prepared a superhuman study program to settle in the best school in the city; In the neighborhood they are moving to, the friendship with an old man that everyone knows as a bad person, the adventures they enter together, and the old man’s stories about the little girl are told. While the old man tells the little girl about her youth, what happened and her friendship with the little prince; animation gives its audience lessons as beautiful as it is in the book.

Little Prince is an excellent animated movie where the children can watch with pleasure with their drawings, colors, music and subject, and adults who have been passionately pursuing money and careers and forgot everything about beauty.

As well as his life lessons, the author of the Little Prince book is also informed about Antoine de Saint-Exupéry. Antoine de Saint-Exupéry was one of the successful pilots of the era with the effect of his first plane trip when he was 12 years old, by fitting 9 books in his 44-year short life; laid the foundation of night flight systems that are still in use today. He used his passionate planes to serve his country in World War II, and died on July 31, 1944, after his plane was dropped.


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