MinionsThe film tells the strange and funny story of the Minions who have lived in the world for millions of years, who have seen and lived with them even more primitive than dinosaurs.
Their existence, which has been going on for millions of years, causes Minions to relate to all kinds of living things. Since all the creatures they know are predatory and evil, the only reason for the Minions to serve is to serve the worst creature they can find. Years, years, chases, and Minions come to the era of people. Three brave minions (Kevin, Stuart and Bob), who have never found a boss in the intervening years, who are completely bored of the void and have lost all their joy, go to America to find a new boss. When the year came to 1969, the Minions knew the worst person in the world. Scarlet Overkill… The first time they see Scarlet, they know him as their boss and dedicate themselves to his service. Not knowing that everything they do is clumsy and silly…

I don’t understand why these cute little ones go after the evil all the time in an animation that is so cute, confused, silly and at first glamorous characters. I think the minions could come to life in a much better story, and they could get much more than the 6.5 / 10 points they received in the IMDb. While I was watching the movie, I also remembered the characters that had remained in my childhood. If they have a patent, the rights holders of Tombi and Aymar can pursue these Minions.

No matter how old you are, there are so many scenes you can laugh at. Your energy is very high in the whole movie, it’s a fun movie. The fact that it is not better evaluated is a big loss…


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