The Revenant

The Revenant

The RevenantDiriliş is a great movie that came out with the adaptation of an event in 1820 to the big screen. It is so beautiful that Oscar nominations in 12 branches in total including important categories such as Best Actor, Best Supporting Actor, Best View.

The captain, a group of workers and leaders who hunt animals in the virgin nature of America, gather their skins, struggle against the native Americans, the Indians and the harsh weather. Holding the Hugh Glass (Leonardo DiCaprio), who knows the region very closely, as a guide, the group is attacked by the Indians as they prepare to load the posts they collect after a working day. A tough walk awaits them, as group members who lose a lot and fall apart try to return to the main camp. Serious injury to Hugh Glass, his guides during the journey, will create additional difficulties.

The film also includes that superior culture of Indians, America’s indigenous people. They show which side is the wildest with their music, behavior and much more noble behavior than the invaders… I think Leonardo DiCaprio’s flawless performance in the film takes him a few steps forward for the Oscar award this year. In the movie, where everything is complete, only the script is a bit vicious, but even the script alone is good enough to get 8 points out of 10.

An immersive, immersive movie. In a way cinema lovers wouldn’t want to miss…


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