Self/lessFamous Indian director Tarsem Singh is the director of the Self / Less in writers Pastor brothers Alex and David, who have made a name for themselves in recent horror films.

I think it is necessary to examine the film in two parts.

In the first and slow first episode, Damian the Elder (Ben Kingsley) is a very rich, sick and dying businessman. DR. Albright comes out and talks about the skin-change operation, a newly developed but untested path. DR. Albright (Matthew Goode) convinces Damian that they are using specially prepared healthy bodies in the laboratory. Having problems with her daughter, Damian goes back to speak to her again and for the last time, but her daughter Claire (Michelle Dockery) does not give her face to Damian. Then Damian, who is dying of cancer, agrees to change skin and the operation takes place.

The second part takes on a completely different atmosphere. The film’s sci-fi script suddenly shifts to drama and action. Young Damian (Ryan Reynolds) after the skin transplant, the old man tries to get used to his new body and relives all the pleasures he had when he was young. However, DR. Albright warned Damian firmly and gave him a small pill to take every day. When Damian forgets to take the pill one day while experiencing the pleasures he has missed, his life turns into a completely different shape. In his nightmares, Damian sees a woman (Natalie Martinez) and a little girl asking for help. It doesn’t take long for them to realize that there is no halluculation and they start to investigate.
When Damian finds his nightmares, he encounters a scene he never expected. DR. Albright realizes that the body he convinces as a body prepared in a laboratory belongs to a real human being and that this new body is a married, having a child and a member of the army.

In terms of film and acting, I can easily say that Tarsem Singh is really successful with the quality and waiting of every second in curiosity.

You must watch this movie.


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