PanIn 1991, the movie is told before the story in the movie “Hook” (or you may also know as “Captain Hook”) with the cast of Dustin Hoffman, Robin Williams and Julia Roberts. It is also possible to say that there are minor differences.

A long time ago, a child named Peter was left at the door of the nursing home when he was just a little baby. Being completely unaware of the life before him, Peter is pulled from the bed one night into the sky and kidnapped by the evil pirates. Under the command of Pirate Blackbeard, Peter digs in the mines in the Non-Existent Country to find the fairy dust containing “immortality”, finds an opportunity and escapes Blackbeard. During his escape from Blackbeard, Peter discovers a feature he never knew before, and gets help from fairies in the Non-Existent Country to get rid of the evil sailor.

Pan, which does not shine as much as its previous versions with its cast, but has been a beautiful film in all aspects when viewed as a children’s movie. It is a fun movie where there are no signs of blood and violence and even dying fairies turn into cute clouds of dust. The action has been a bit too much, which attracts a lot of attention in the flow of the movie.

Pan, a movie I think little kids can watch and enjoy… I don’t think the new generation will like Hook (1991).


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