Justice League

Justice League movie poster

Justice League movie posterAnother superhero series, which I think is due to the problem of productivity and anxiety about box office proceeds, is the Justice League.

In the film, where all the superheroes of DC come together and even Supermen, whose death is nonsense, is resurrected and included in the cast, a team is formed under the leadership of Batman against the attack organized by extraterrestrial evil forces to take over the world.

Special characters with supernatural and technological powers in the team are trying to save the world by creating a team led by Batman against Steppenwolf and his soldiers who want to enslave humanity and the world. When they realize that their power is not enough and they are starting to be late, they take a big risk as a last resort and bring Clark Kent to life, and from the very beginning they are attacking the enemy more strongly with the support of Supermen, which I believe is the strongest.

In today’s world, where computer support and actor performance and screenwriter intelligence are on the floor and on the floor, it is close to flawless in visual effects but far from all other cinema elements…

When so many heroes come together, there is absolutely a reason and a new sequel to surpass the audience is brought to the audience. Your information…


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