Hitman: Agent 47

Hitman: Agent 47

Hitman: Agent 47The re-emergence of the Agent project, imagined, planned and realized many years ago, and the desire to create new Agents, starts a war that is not tolerated by its opponents and existing Agents, and silent, cold, befitting the agents… Everything depends on reaching Litvenko as the father of the project. The only way to reach Litvenko is by his daughter Diana, who left her father many years ago and has been looking for her father for years. Diana becomes the first target for all organizations to be captured in the first place. Of course, here comes Agent 47, the hero of our film.

Frustrated for his allegiance and loyalty to Litvenko, who created him as an agent, Agent 47 seizes Diana with his superior abilities, fighting against other ordinary and genetically modified agents. Agent 47, together with Diana, goes into an extraordinary struggle to reach Litvenko and at the same time survive…

Throughout the film, I thought there must be someone else in the role of Agent 47… Orlando Bloom could be Justin Timberlake de The lead actor Rupert Friend doesn’t really have anything, but he has nothing on his face, neither Orlando Bloom nor Justin. wanted to see my eyes…

It’s not a legend. But for that moment, which contains the action of the film izleseq at the moment we saw our work and a good time was a film.


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