HeistThe film tells the story of Vaughn (Jeffrey Dean Morgan), who robbed the casino of the famous casino owner Pope (Robert De Niro), to save money from the pursuing police and mafia staff in order to cover the treatment and surgery costs of his daughter with cancer.

Her criminal record is swollen, military-educated, smart and loving her daughter, Vaughn suddenly knocks on her door as she thinks where to find the money she needs to pay to the hospital in despair. A new security guard at the casino where Vaughn also works when he comes to Vaughn with a robbery proposal, the first thing is negative, but the hero father, who has nothing to do for his daughter’s life, prepares a clever plan. His plan is so ingenious that neither the police, the mafia, nor the co-robbery he predicted will be able to guess the next step of Vaughn.

It’s a great crime movie Robbery from Robert De Niro, which I admire like all movie lovers, and Jeffrey Dean Morgan, who I was ashamed of watching his movie for the first time. The action does not decrease for a moment and the chase never stops for a moment. A feast that lasts 93 minutes, where guns explode, hostage crises are experienced, and mind is struggling with reason.

Although the movie has an average score of 6.1 in IMDb, it is a movie with a higher quality score than real crime lovers. I recommend you to watch.


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