American Ultra

American Ultra

American UltraMike Howell (Jesse Eisenberg), who has a calm and quite comfortable life in a small town, enjoys this relaxed life even though he is not very happy with his girlfriend Phoebe (Kristen Stewart). Mike and Phoebe, their lives, which have no responsibilities and problems, continue with the power of youth and their lives change suddenly.

Working at a buffet on a road that no one uses, Mike meets a mysterious woman one night. For Mike, who is unaware of what will happen to him, everything the woman says is meaningless or even absurd. In order for Mike to understand these words, he only has to kill 2 people and explain the situation to his girlfriend. With no idea what’s going on, Mike solves the problems with his girlfriend Phoebe.

Bringing the pieces together, the pair initially only struggle to survive. When they find out that the team they are following is connected to the CIA, they are in trouble with everything …

Kristen Stewart, starring with the star of the Social Network and Wizards Gang movies, Jesse Eisenberg and Twilight (Twilight Legend), shares the leading roles of American Ultra. American Ultra is a good action movie that critically criticizes and entertains American cinema with some extravagant points.


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