American Soldiers

American Soldiers

American SoldiersOne of the simple and poor quality films in which American cinema tries to take its share from the American housekeeper in the Middle East is “American Soldiers”.

After the end of the Second Gulf War, the events of a group of American soldiers who stayed in Iraq in order to ensure peace and order are told in the movie. The group, which has to go a long way to take the injured team commander to the base under difficult conditions, constantly comes into contact with Iraqi insurgents and has conflicts. Of course, salvation takes place after moving and heated hours.

As in many other productions in which America’s halts in the Middle East are sanctified and presented to the world, there are various heroes in the movie “American Soldiers”. The team that survived the explosions and cracks managed to survive thanks to the support team at the last moment.

A film made up of a couple of pickup trucks and equipment with gunshots, where the cast is made up of incompetent people picking up from the street, where RPG and grenade explosions couldn’t go one click away from the sparkler explosion. Full of failures from start to finish. The idea of ​​trying to convey what happened during a single day is the only subject that can be appreciated about the film.

It is not worth watching.


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