American Sniper

American Sniper

American SniperChris Kyle, who joined the US Army as a navy commando during the 2nd Gulf War and became a “legend ta in sniper, meets a spectator from his life. Nowadays, the Middle East gets involved and wants to protect his country, Chris volunteers to join the army.

After a tough training, Chris is among the soldiers who deserve to go to the front and marries a woman named Taya. He went to the front four times during his stay in the army and spent more than 1000 days on the front; away from his country, home, wife and two children born in the meantime, Chris fulfills his duty in the war and returns to his country permanently. But when he returns home, there’s a Chris who has seen hundreds of deaths and killed more than 160 people, who have changed a lot.

Sniper is a great film directed by Clint Eastwood, one of the Hollywood legends, in which Bradley Cooper portrays a legend of the American army with excellent acting.


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